2016_beijing_open_announcement_fees_pb1_150_ppiBeijing’s annual tournament is back this fall! Contact us if you are interested in submitting a team bid, If you’re an individual player looking for a team, add yourself to the floaters list (accessible in China).


Beijing has a thriving ultimate community of hundreds of players, a unique mix of local and expatriate talent. The Beijing Ultimate Community (BUC) is an association dedicated to the development of the sport, both in the city and throughout Mainland China. If you’re newly arrived in the city, or considering a move, here’s some basic information to get you started.

Playing opportunities

Pickup is organized in the spring and summer months throughout the city on various days of the week. For more information, see the pickup page. Currently, the pickup situation is subpar, mostly due to field difficulties, but BUC is striving to change this.

BUC organizes a league from June to August usually played on Saturday or Sunday. Signing up in advance is encouraged, but players can also join for individual sessions. For more detailed information, see the summer league page.

BUC organizes a series of advanced weeknight practices from March to November, designed to bring together players from different club teams and raise the collective level of play. More information about these is forthcoming as we move into the 2016 spring season.

Beijing has several individual club teams, each with its own practice and tournament schedule. You can click on individual team pages all the way at the bottom below to get more detailed information and contact captains. China has a spring season with mostly numerous domestic tournaments, from March to June, and a sparser fall season, from August to November. The fall season is augmented by a greater number of international tournaments throughout Asia. Several Beijing club teams travel internationally to compete, to locations including Jeju (Korea), Manila, Hong Kong, Taipei, and more. See a full schedule here, but note we’re working on shifting to a strategy where this list can be more informative and better kept up to date.

Get in touch

Especially if you are a newcomer to Beijing and interested in participating in the ultimate community, we welcome you to reach out to us for more information, or just to let us know that you’re here. Email us! Communication in China revolves strongly around the messaging app WeChat, so be sure to include your WeChat information so that we can add you to relevant group chats. We also operate a few email groups to which you’ll have an opportunity to subscribe. Looking forward to seeing you on the field!