Beijing Bang


Beijing Bang was formed in 2008 and almost all of the original core players remain on the team as key players and captains for the team.  Bang has participated in each China Open National tournament ever held and has managed to be in the finals or semi-finals for every year but one.  Beyond participating in China Open Nationals annually Bang has made a number of appearances at tournaments in Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.


Beijing Bang has weekly practices which are conducted in Mandarin Chinese and the language of the team is Mandarin Chinese but there are English speaking team members.  Players who are keen to develop ultimate knowledge/skills, interested in improving fitness, and excited about participating in a friendly team oriented Chinese language learning environment are welcome.  Players from complete novices through to beginners/casual players and intermediate as well as advanced/experienced players will all find something for them at a Bang practice.

北京帮现阶段为冬季训练,于每周四室内进行。到了春夏秋季,帮还会在周日下午进行室外训练。感兴趣的朋友,欢迎联系北京帮之帮保姆成员:林琳(电子邮箱,电话:13901313772),或张坤(电子邮箱:,电话: 13910716588

We currently practice during winter months on Thursday nights indoor and Sunday afternoons in Spring/Summer/Fall.  If you are interested in contacting Bang please reach out to our Player Personnel Directors Lin Lin (via email at or phone 13901313772) and Steven Zhang Kun (email at or phone 13910716588).


We hope to see you out on the field soon!


Beijing Bang is a Beijing based Ultimate Frisbee Club which is a unified combination of local Chinese players and international players living in Beijing. Beijing Bang has an open and welcoming team philosophy and is focused on a few key principles namely that our players should have a love of ultimate, embrace the spirit of the game, seek a teamwork atmosphere, always try their best, and have fun on and off the field.