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A quick recap of the Tianjin tournament

We're still in the process of collecting information for the official recap of this past Saturday's Tianjin tournament, but here were the key happenings:

Shanghai Huwa -- an abridged version led by Jon Greenberg -- won the A pool, beating ISB, Tianjin Waiyuan, Beijing Bang and Tianjin Speed.

Beijing Big Brother won the B pool (though word was Beijing was the No. 1 overall seed), consisting of Changsha (长沙, a Tianjin/Qingdao mix), Teda (with some Dalian players and foreigners), Air Kazak and Tianjin Speed Up.

The pool winners met in the finals. Shanghai jumped out to a 2-1 lead before the teams engaged in a long fourth point that saw two goal line turnovers and an injury (Beijing's Tao -- okay, me -- as he tried changing directions on an in-cut). Shanghai took half at eight and extended its lead to 9-6 before Big Brother clawed back with three unanswered points. An energized (or intoxicated) murmur wormed its way through the crowd -- chilled by a brisk wind on a suddenly cloudy evening -- but the suspense quickly ended when Shanghai scored the next two to win 11-9.

Beijing Bang won the Spirit Award and, like Shanghai, got a trophy out of which they drank beer. Shanghai's players also each received a Frisbee and a municipal government official-signed/endorsed certificate in the form of a red card.

The after-party was good. I will let the pictures and videos (they'll be up as soon as China re-unblocks YouTube, I promise) speak for themselves. Just know there was good food, then battle caps, then announcements, then guys taking off their shirts for, it seemed, little to no reason, then Yin taking off her shirt, then Jeff's China Nationals announcement, which he was only allowed to give after he took off his shirt -- after much hesitation, mind you -- and -- the cause of the hesitation -- noticing two strips of bandaids covering his nipples, ripped them off like a man. He did not whimper or wince, or if he did I, along with everyone, was too mired in laughter to notice.

Someone from Air Kazak stood and -- shirt off, of course, because half-nakedness was our version of the conch -- announced to the room that Kazak only had 10 players at this tournament so maybe they underperformed, but come China Nationals, "We're going to have a surprise for you." The Tianjin players, sitting in a roundtable next to ours but opposite from Kazak, only smiled. (I have Tianjin pegged as the favorites, by the way.)

Then there were disc races, the first one won by the team of Joe Pellicano and Jason Lippman -- barely -- over Shanghai's Phil Wiese and Phil's partner. This went on for a while. Again, videos will surface later.

All in all, a successful tournament. Edward Wang -- tournament director -- was the star of the show, and befitting a star, he chugged at least one full bottle of beer at the after-party -- shirtless, of course -- this on top of the beer he drank at lunch (yes, they served beer at lunch, along with pretty delicious box meals) and all the drinking he did afterwards, much of it prompted by Beijing's Jim Kirchhoff. We're not entirely sure what became of Edward, but if he survived the night, we'll see him at China Nationals in about a month.

More pictures here.

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