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2009 Beijing Ultimate Committee Elections

Hello all!

   It's that time of year again where the current BUC regime's
positions are put up for election.

   The Beijing Ultimate Committee coordinates weekly pickup Ultimate games as well as Ultimate leagues here in Beijing. The BUC has no affiliation with any of the competitive Ultimate teams here in Beijing. Any money that the BUC makes from pickup or summer league is cycled back in to the community, whether it be by supplementing costs during winter pickup or by helping to fund a mini-beach tournament, etc. ANYONE in the Beijing community who is interested in becoming a member of the BUC is encouraged to get their name out there for nominations.

   First, let me give you all a timetable for the process:

TODAY 11/10/2008 until 11/21: Self-nominations.
Anyone who wants to step forward and be a part of the BUC, start doing so now. Also, if you think someone would be good for the position, speak to them personally, or let us know and we will approach them about it. Keep in mind that the position is for one year, so if you apply please do so with that in mind

11/24-12/12: Voting.
We'll gather the list together of what people are applying for what positions. voting will last for two weeks, the deadline being December 12. Following this we'll take 3 days and tally it up, and what we're left with will be the new BUC!

   Now, for what positions are available...

*Treasurer: pretty obvious what this job entails, but probably the most difficult job out there. This year the position was held by Char.
*Fields Coordinator: Previously part of the treasurer responsibility, we're separating it into it's own category this year. Job title says it all, coordinate where we play and get us the best price possible for it.
*Communications: Update the google groups, contact local magazines, keep everyone in the loop about what's going on in the Beijing Ultimate scene. This year the position was held by Joe.
*Outreach: Help to coordinate between the many ultimate teams in Beijing, as well as our friends over in Tianjin. This year the position was held by Shen.
*Social Coordinator: Plan social events for all the disc-lovers around Beijing, the biggest event being the Awards ceremony that occurs in the month or so after Spring Festival. This year the position was held by Candice.

   A couple more things worth noting...

   If you are interested in a position, it might also be a good idea to contact the person who previously held that position. We're all pretty tight in this community, so if you have any interest in a position please express that. Also, it's important to note that aside from the 5 committee positions available, several other positions will be available throughout the year. The most important of these is probably Summer League coordinator. We definitely need someone to step up for this job, as Tracey and Jeff have done over the past two summers. More than that, we are a community. We are always relying on other members of the community to help keep Ultimate alive and going on a weekly basis here in Beijing.

   If anyone needs clarification in Chinese, please contact Char, myself or Shen
for more information. Thanks everyone for making this a great year for Beijing Ultimate. I look forward, as I hope you all do as well, to another year of Ultimate here in Beijing.

Written by Joseph Pellicano