2009 China Open registration has begun!

Hopefully everyone has cleared the weekend of the 16th and 17th of May since this year’s China Open (Nationals) is going to be awesome. After some technical difficulties we are ready to go live with our website. Please visit the site http://chinaupa.fiveultimate.com to get information from around China concerning Frisbee.

A quick recap of the Tianjin tournament

We're still in the process of collecting information for the official recap of this past Saturday's Tianjin tournament, but here were the key happenings:

Shanghai Huwa -- an abridged version led by Jon Greenberg -- won the A pool, beating ISB, Tianjin Waiyuan, Beijing Bang and Tianjin Speed.

Beijing Big Brother won the B pool (though word was Beijing was the No. 1 overall seed), consisting of Changsha (长沙, a Tianjin/Qingdao mix), Teda (with some Dalian players and foreigners), Air Kazak and Tianjin Speed Up.

2009 Tianjin Tournament Photos!

Pictures from April 4, 2009's Tianjin Ultimate Tournament have been uploaded, hurry up and check 'em out!

2009 Tianjin Tournament Photo Gallery

Beijing Bang March Event

Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday night to the Bang! Bang! Bang! event.

It was really great to see so many people out having a good time.

For those who couldn't make it and/or those who drank so much they cannot remember details, here's a bit of a recap:

2009 China Open

Hey everyone,

We have been in contact with teams around China but we wanted to officially announce. So without further ado...

It is that time of the year again. We are excited to be writing you to announce the 2009 China Open – better known as Nationals. This year the festivities will be on the weekend of the 16th and 17th of May, up here in Beijing.

We hope to kick off our new website soon to ease the registration process. We will send another message out when the site is up and running. For now please mark your calendars and start getting your teams ready.

2009 Spring League

Beijing Ultimate Spring League 2009

Welcome to the Beijing Ultimate Spring League 2009. This is the inaugural spring league season and we look forward to working with all of you as we spread the excitement of Ultimate and gear up for China Nationals.


  • League play will take place every Sunday from Noon – 3pm beginning March 8th.

  • Location is ISB (International School of Beijing) in Shunyi
    • Because these fields are being provided by ISB please realize no alcohol or mind altering substances may be brought to the field

1月10日 HANGTIME队组织室内随机比赛



    1. 由于组织者Roger是第一次组织活动,显得手忙脚乱,如果没有老赵、王颖、沈安、Zahlen、Jeff的大力帮助,呵呵,可能早就晕菜啦~~~
    2. Jim率领着第五队连着打了三场比赛,队员们累的都不行了,这个是刘杰的责任,我在这里检讨一下。
    3. 感谢刘洋为我们找到了两辆便宜的金杯客车,以及此次活动的场地都是刘洋推荐的,再次感谢刘洋为我们所做的一切。

GLOBE Magazine Interviews Beijing Bang

The December issue of GLOBE Magazine features Beijing Bang in addition to ultimate frisbee in Beijing. On November 17th, Journalist Le Yannan joined Beijing Bang's practice. She was able to discover the sport of ultimate through Beijing Bang. So all you frisbee friends and fans, stop by you local newsstand and pick up the December issue of GLOBE Magazine!

2009 Beijing Ultimate Committee Elections

Hello all!

   It's that time of year again where the current BUC regime's
positions are put up for election.

Beach Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Beijing

The sand was artificial and, at places, hurt like hell to land on (more on this later), but it was still a fun day at the beach, even if there was no water. Organized by the inimitable Jeff Orcutt et al., we split into four teams -- names drawn out of a hat -- and played four games each.

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