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2008 China Open Beijing Write-Up

May 31- June 1

On the Morning of May 31 Ultimate teams from all across China gathered in the east of Beijing for what was to be a wonderful weekend of Ultimate. Both local Chinese players and members of China's "ex-pat" communities made the trip to China's capital to compete. Aside from the four local Beijing teams that competed, teams from Dalian, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hebei Province and Henan Province attended and competed.

Saturday saw the Chinese teams and Ex-pat teams competing against each other in pool play. On Sunday the Ex-pat teams broke off into round robin play, while the Chinese teams entered into bracket play, ultimately leading up to the final match.

Following Saturday's pool play and some time to clean up, dinner and drinks were served up at two neighboring restaurants. Food was eaten, games were played, and players got to meet players as the merriment poured out of the restaurants and into the general area around them.

The 2008 China Open finals was a repeat of the 2007 China Open finals, pitting Tianjin Sports University's Speed versus Beijing's Minzu Daxue Air Kazak. The teams battled tooth and nail as all the other teams in attendance cheered and watched the excitement. Ultimately, Air Kazak won in an unbelievably close game, winning on universe point, 11-10.

The awards ceremony followed, with awards being handed out to the Best Spirited/MVP players of each of the Chinese teams.

2008 China Open award recipients:

大连 Dalian Smurfs-衣明达(Yi Ming Da)
Air Kazak-阿衣特别克(Atbyek)
天津Tianjin Speed-刘文龙(Richy Liu)
天津Tianjin Lucky 7-郭晶(Michelle)
通州Tongzhou 7-Up-Chu Ming
北京Hangtime-阎浩(Yan Hao)
北京帮BJBangGang-杨燕(Kelly Yan)

As teams started to disperse, a post-tournament dinner was arranged for those with later trips, and many gathered at Beijing's very own Kro's Nest Pizzeria and Pub for some beer and pizza, proving to be a satisfying finish to the tournament.

All in all, a great weekend leaving everybody excited for next year’s China Open.